How The Best Sales Teams Set Goals For The New Year

Are you sick of falling short of your sales goals? Tired of being on an average sales team?

Listen up then, we’re sharing the best of the best tactics for goal-setting for the new year that’ll help you and your team level the fuck up and achieve BRILLIANT SALES TEAM status this year. Got it? Keep reading and take notes for fuck sake.


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If you’re reading this and the new year has already started, then first things first we gotta work on your EXECUTION TIME.

How The Best Sales Teams Set Goals For The New Year


Execute or die.

If you’re average AF, then planning and goal-setting is probably a last thought for you. You’ve already missed the goddamn boat.

However, if you’re ready to level the fuck up. Then your planning and execution time happens long before your competition. You see ahead, you think ahead, you plan ahead, and you’re executing ahead of everyone else and their mother.

This year, if there’s one serious upgrade you make it’s to – plan early and plan often! Then execute on that MF plan.

Measure or die.

The best sales teams on the planet know their numbers. They know their contact ratio, their conversion ratio, they know their close ratio. They know all their damn ratios and they OBSESS over improving them.


What’s your close ratio? Create a list of things you could do better to improve your close ratio. Start hacking away at that list until you’ve mastered each area of improvement and you see your ratios improve.


Strategize or die.

If you want to become a next level sales rep, you need to have a goddamn strategy. Not just any strategy, one that aligns with your company’s mission and vision. How will YOUR strategy support the company as a whole? If your strategy lacks depth and connection to the company’s strategy, you can bet your ass you’ll find yourself on a hamster wheel to loser land.  The best sales teams have a strategy that aligns with the company’s direction.

Train or die.

The best sales teams on the planet set training goals. They know when new products and services are going to be rolled out and they study harder than Albert fucking Einstein to make sure they know everything they need to know to sell. They get their product briefs, training, demos and you bet your ass they get the right sales tools in place to close. Get training, SON!


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Forecast or die.

Would it make sense to shoot an arrow then draw the bullseye around where it lands? Hell to the NO. So why would you have sales goals or quotas that jump around like a mexican jumping bean? Dumb. The best sales teams on the planet have smart forecasting of sales that are based on actual data and future trends and behaviors. Making smart forecasts allows you to optimize and really achieve the goals you’re capable of.


Keep Setting Goals or die.

Average fucking sales reps have weak goals (or no goals) and they get mediocre results. The best sales teams on the plan set goals, design a plan to achieve those goals, get all the training they need to optimize their current results and they crush their fucking goals. Then they do it all over again until they have achieve a level of motherfuckin’ mastery. They are always setting goals.

Follow these steps if you’re tired of being an average sales rep on an average sales team. The best sales teams follow these steps day in and day out. Today is the first day of the rest of your life when you get to choose if you want to be average or if you want to be the MF BEST.


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