Top 5 Reasons You’ll Double Your Income by Working For a Failure

I’m two years removed from leaving an organization that I invested my first nine professional years with. In that nine years I was part of three failed companies. “Failed” meaning they no longer exist anymore. You cannot find them on Glassdoor. They are not interviewing. Those services are no more. RIP. If you haven’t had this privilege I suggest you quit that comfy, cushy, corporate job immediately and go find somewhere with a dark, dim, desolate future. I promise you won’t regret it. I sound fucking nuts, right?! I know. But here are 5 reasons why working for a failure is the best thing for your career growth.

1. Creates Character

One of the most impactful things I ever learned is that someone’s TRUE character does not show itself until the shit actually hits the fan and splatters all over the sales floor like a scene out of Carrie. I’ve seen countless sales people with shit eating grins on their face when the leads are hot, the Benji’s are flowing, and they are sitting atop the sales board. But what you will find is that 90% of those “closers” turn into “cancers” the minute that the boat starts to rock. If you are the Captain of that ship and searching for safe seas watch out for that mutiny and make them walk the plank before they take the rest of the crew with them.

2. Seals the Sale

Oh, you’re a good sales person? Bullshit you are! It’s real easy to sell a product that is best on the market when people are jumping in the fuckin’ boat. Found yourself a real easy product to sell? Good for you! What are you going to do when a competitor takes the lead? I’ll tell you; you’ll probably start bitching about the leads or your company, taking zero accountability for your career. Try selling the exact same product to a consumer competing against five other companies, all of which have called the prospect within five minutes of filling out their web lead online. You want to talk about separating yourself as a salesperson. It’s sink or swim right here. Grab the goddamn buoy or find yourself as shark bait!

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3. Builds Lifelong Bonds

There are hundreds of people that came in and out of those doors during that decade of adversity. Two stand out above the rest, my first boss and mentor; we’ll call him The Fireman. The Fireman guided that ship with an unbridled optimism, enthusiasm and a solution minded approach no matter how hot the flames. To this day I know that I can always look to him for his guidance and support no what challenge I’m facing, professionally or personally. It was a gift to be able to experience the turmoil and go to battle with him at the helm because it showed me what true leadership is.

The other is a peer, and co-founder of BNB. We’ll call her Champ. Champ is truly the brains behind this operation. Without her, you would not be reading these very words that you see right now. Champ and I had two stints working with one another which shaped a bond that cannot be broken. When you identify your own Champ and Fireman, stay close by. When I received a call from her four years ago saying she has this URL and she needed someone to make something out of it, I didn’t need to know the details. I jumped in the boat blindly as she is Queen of Execution, a Wizard with a motor that doesn’t stop.

4. Drums up Desire

There is nothing like thinking that you are on the verge of success only to have circumstances beyond your control impact that vision and pull the rug right out from underneath you. But such is life. Learn to live with it, suck it up and learn from it. When you know your true talents and capabilities and don’t let the adversity knock you down you can develop a hunger for success that will never be satisfied. And we all know that hungry dogs run faster!

5. Provides Perspective

I’ve gone from a company that decreased its sales team by 90% because there weren’t enough good leads to feed the whole team to a company where I often hear people complain about the fact there there are too many prospects in their pipeline to get to over the course of the day. Would you rather not talk to anyone after 250 calls in an eight hour day or get paid time a half to reach out to people waiting for you to call them so they can give you their money? It’s just baffling sometimes how little perspective some people have when it comes to their current situation. Don’t be one of those people as it could always be, and one day will probably be worse!

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Although stressful at times, I am now sitting at that aforementioned corporate job and have gotten to a place where my income has doubled in just two years. I’m in a better financial position than I have ever been in my life. With that said, there is no way in hell that I ever would have had this opportunity without the experiences that I endured; the ups, the downs, the roller coaster rides, and the professional education that I received while working for those companies that are no more. I did not spend my time there, I invested it, and that time invested has paid dividends. For that I am forever grateful and wouldn’t change things for the world. So next time you think about taking the easy route, maybe think again, and dive head first into something that is destined for doom.


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