8 Reasons This Girl Scout is Kicking Your Ass in Sales


The New York Times Magazine interviewed Katie Francis, the Girl Scout who has been kicking your ass in sales, to find out just how she does it.


Girl Scout cookies are sold once a year to fund the Girl Scouts, and Katie is their top seller, selling 22,200 boxes of cookies last time round.  Considering how the cookies are overpriced, and are getting peddled at every office meeting and grocery store parking lot across America, it’s quite a feat that Katie has managed to sell that many in one go.



Here are 8 reasons from Katie on how to sell the most cookies.

Take note and stop getting shown up by a fucking 6th grader!

1 – Smile dammit. 

Because no one will buy from you if you have a frown on your face. Look and act professional, even if you’re a kid; or just one inside. At work it’s your time to shine. Wear a clean suit or uniform, and don’t forget to hand out business cards. When you smile they smile. When they smile, THEY BUY!!!


2 – Give the boot to naysayers.

Why waste your time with them, when you can sell five more boxes of cookies in that time?


3 – Work long, but effective hours.

Katie works into dark after school, and spends 12 to 13 hours selling cookies on the weekends. If there are customers, she’s there. Clock strikes 4:59; are you already 14 minutes into your last break of the day, or are you just getting warmed up? Don’t lie to damn self!


4 – Secure your customer’s attention.

You may have to knock on doors, even when it’s a snowstorm out. If you have a booth set up, choose a heavily trafficked area. Once you have potential customers within hearing distance, do your kick ass pitch. In Katie’s case she sings the lyrics from Frozen, but alters the lyrics to sing cookie praises instead.


5 – This girl scout knows her product.

Katie can rattle off the different types of cookies she sells, and even knows the ingredients for each type. Objections can be  met with an alternative, such as nut-free, or gluten-free cookie. How much time do you spend researching your product or industry or better yet, at what point are you going to start?!


6 – Appeal to multiple motivations, all at once.

When your verbal pitch appeals to multiple needs, such as a sweet tooth, inner philanthropist, hunger, pity, or impulsiveness, the greater the chances you’ll not only sell a box of cookies, you’ll sell more than one.


7 – Cultivate your behind the scenes support crew.

Be a team player, but don’t be afraid to ask for a bit of help too. Katie’s Mum is in charge of the money and inventory. She helps to load up the SUV, and drives Katie to her sales locations. When her Mum can’t do it, she recruits other adults. Who is your go-fucking-to for any-fucking-thing? Start doing for them and the favor will be returned two times over.

8 – Don’t consume your product.

She disapproves of this practice. It would cut into the profits. Katie never eats the cookies no matter how much those Samoas or frozen fuckin’ Thin Mints are screaming her name.


Katie Francis has addressed a university’s business department, and the Oklahoma’s Professional Sales Association. She has multiple offers for additional motivational speaking gigs.


This Girl Scout definitely has what it takes to whoop your ass in sales. Can you think like a Girl Scout too?


Follow her tips and see if you can impress your boss with kick ass sales this month.