How To Toast (Or Roast) Your Competition

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It has been sad that many people are more afraid of public speaking than death. I think this may be a huge understatement. More accurately, people are more afraid of public speaking than a horrific zombie apocalypse where everything they once knew is fucking destroyed.

Okay, that might be overdoing it a bit.

The point is, public speaking is important.

Like riding a bicycle or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, learning public speaking is a vital fucking tool. Toastmasters International is here to help that. (Not the zombie apocalypse. Not yet at least.)


Meeting once a week, YOUR local chapter works to improve everything from personal speech methods to confidence to being a leadership legend. Not only can it help with your career, it is a skill that carries on with you the rest of your life. Like juggling. One of the main things Toastmasters International helps out with is preparation and evaluation of speeches. You’ll get a chance to get honest opinions on your public speaking style. If you’ve got enough skill, even your “Why You Should Buy Ice” presentation in Antarctica will go over well.


One of the most important things taught by Toastmasters International is avoiding crutch words.

If you’re a salesperson, you know crutch words like “umm”, “uhh”, and “like” are a bit of a death sentence. Nobody would want a salesman ending their pitch with “ummmm, like, so do you wanna buy that or anything?” Toastmasters International will give you the tools to avoid, ummmm, all those words. (Looks like I’m going to need to head to a session myself.)


If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive place to flex that speaking muscle (is there actually a speaking muscle? The voicebox?) then Toastmasters International is perfect for you.


As a salesperson, that confidence stays with you for your entire career.

(Ooh, that’s good. Feel free to include that in your speech!)