Top 5 Attributes of a Rockstar Employee


When it comes to evaluating members of a team, metrics, sales numbers, and data are certainly critical but it takes a lot more than that to be a real fucking rockstar employee! Some of the best salespeople can make your day a living nightmare that’s not worth the return. Here at BNB we not only look for the best closers but we’re also looking for those with the intangibles that make them a pleasure to work with. Below are five attributes that will cause you to bang your head against the proverbial glass ceiling if you don’t master them now. If you want to be a rockstar employee, listen up or grab your damn helmet!

1. Adaptation

They say it’s the only constant in life and whoever the hell “they” are, they’re goddamn right! In this day in age where the speed of business is accelerating faster than your uncle’s receding hairline, if you don’t adapt quickly to change you’ll get left in the dust. One day this is the directive and the next day it’s completely different. Get used to it and quit complaining about it. Honestly, if you put as much effort and energy into identifying ways to adapt to changes as you do complaining about and fighting them, you would already be in a position of the person with the power to make such changes. Remember this the next time you are wasting your breathe fighting with your boss over a foregone conclusion.

2. Communication

Emails, texts, instant messenger, tone of voice, body language. These are just a few of the ways that we communicate in today’s professional setting. 55% of all communication is body language. Everyone is busy and deals with competing priorities these days. When someone asks you to help them, enough with looking like the wicked witch of the west. Put a fucking smile on your face, suck it up and don’t turn into the person that everyone is afraid of approaching because of how miserable you are.

Also, STOP capitalizing things in your emails to show how pissed off you are about something. It just makes you look like a spoiled brat and puts the recipient on the defense. Use the sandwich approach if you need to address a concern through email. Start with a positive. Address the negative. Finish with a positive. For Example:

Good Morning Boss,

Thank you so much for taking the time to pull my numbers from last month to give me an understanding of where I need to improve. I appreciate that investment to my development.

There is one element of your report where I feel the data doesn’t necessarily represent my full contribution to the team. Can we put some time on the calendar to discuss this later?

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to help me improve and am excited to take some action on what you brought to my attention. Thank you in advance for meeting with me later.

Your Loyal, respectful, appreciative employee.

Worried about sounding like a kiss ass? Better than looking like someone who can’t take feedback.

3. Accountability

Accountability can be viewed in a couple ways. You are going to come across things throughout your work day that need to get done and no one else is going to know but you. Are you the person who is going to pretend like you never saw the email of a customer requesting help? No, you’re going to suck it up, sacrifice your time, and take care of them, knowing the sale will go to your coworker. Be the team playa’ and always look to give first. We promise you karma will come back to kiss your ass just as quickly as it would to bite it.

The second piece of accountability is reactive. Guess what? We all make mistakes. Yup, even your boss does. When you know you dropped the ball, own that shit like a mother trucking boss! When you start making excuses or trying to hide what is clearly your mistake, not only do you make yourself look terrible, but people lose trust and faith in you. A great way to turn that negative into a positive is proactively let your boss know about your blunder, let them know how it happened, and most importantly what you learned from it that will help you prevent it from happening again. This is one of the biggest character builders that your boss will eat up like the Haagen-Dazs he had to buy his wife on Saturday night.

Looking to get on your bosses good side:

4. Initiative

Not sure if you’ve realized it yet, but you boss doesn’t have the time to hold your hand through every last part of the job. If they knew that was the case when they hired you, your ass wouldn’t be in the seat in the first place. The fact of the matter is, training is only going to help you learn so much. The real learning comes when your butt is in the seat! If you can be the person who goes out and finds the answers before the situation arises, you’ll find yourself on the fast track. When you see a problem that is consistently happening, FIX THE DAMN THING!!! Then when it’s fixed, you can go to your boss, tell them how you identified the problem, what you did to rectify it, and that you’ve already helped the rest of the team with it as well. When shit just GETS DONE without the hand holding of your boss, you’ll end up being the boss!

5. Collaboration

If you can’t remember the guy in your college group project that didn’t do shit but still got the “A” by riding the backs of everyone else’s hard work, YOU. ARE. THAT. GUY! When it comes to the real world, that shit don’t fly! If you cannot work as a team player, go out and create strong cross functional relationships, utilize the talents of other people on your team and in your organization you’ll soon find yourself voted off the corporate island. It’s as easy as saying “hi” and engaging everyone you meet in your company. Ask them what they do. Take them out to lunch. Find ways that you can add value to their day. The only way you’ll be successful in this day in age is if you can “play well with others.” Shit, that’s why you were graded on that in kindergarten!

Remember, there is so much more that goes into being a rockstar employee these days. If the numbers look great, fuck yeah, that means a lot! But if the numbers look great and you are a gossiping, close-minded, blame-placing stick in the mud it’s only a matter of time until you’re scouring monster, indeed, and craigslist for a fresh start. Stick with our advice and thank us down the line when you get that fat bonus and promotion!

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