Increase Productivity: How to Stay Super Focused While Working From Home

Need to increase productivity? 


So you’ve advanced from cube life to working from the freedom of your own fucking home. Welcome to the wonderful world of non-fluorescent lights where you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your MF stapler. 

That said, it’s time to get productive AF before the bossman takes away those privileges. Furthermore, if you don’t hit those damn sales goals, it’s back hitting the phones for you. So whether it’s pounded the pavement knockin’ on doors, or simply knocking out emails from home, we need to make sure you are more focused than Zach on Kelly at Bayside High.


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If you noticed your newfound freedom has sucked away at your productivity, make sure to keep these tips fucking handy before it’s back to regular commute and shitty coffee. Here are 5 tips to keep you super productive even if you’re working in your pajamas.


5 Tips To Increase Productivity While Working From Home:


1- Be fucking GRATEFUL

We know you weren’t expecting to start off with this mushy kind of hype, but it’s not hype! It’s mindset. You need to be grateful AF that you have this opportunity to work from home. Set the tone and mindset at the very beginning of the day to start you off on the right foot. Also, it’s really great for that brain of yours. Maybe even get your ass out of bed, get to the gym and think about all the things you are grateful for. It matters and it’ll ripple into all work you do throughout the day. Got it? Good!  


2- Set (and stick) to a SCHEDULE

Since you no longer have your boss and co-workers on your ass about what time you showed up or left the office, it’s pretty easy to slip on the schedule front. Plus time goes by really damn fast when you’re outside of the office. (Just think about how fast weekends go by? AMIRIGHT). That said, set a schedule and stick to it. Whether you’re working 8 hours, more or less, make sure you have chunked out times blocks for when you’ll knock out emails, calls, meetings, etc. This will make your hours uber productive. If you’re an early bird, get up and get after it. If you’re a night owl, set your schedule to fit your most productive hours.


3- Remove Distractions

Listen, if Fido wants to play every ten minutes, we get it, but your boss definitely doesn’t give a fuck. Consider setting up food delivery, or pet-walking, or put a note on the door for the mailman to leave mail at the door because you DON’T need any unnecessary distractions. Shut off notifications on your phone because you know facebook and instagram is a RABBIT HOLE. Set a 45 minute no-distraction timer, knock out tasks, take a five minute break, repeat.


4 – Beethoven is your new BFF

Your ability to focus is greatly influenced by music selection. You can find bomb ass playlists on spotify or pandora or soundcloud to make sure you’re optimized for absolutely focus. Just search “focus” or “study” in any of those platforms for excellent selections. Even if classical piano isn’t your thing, try it on for size. It’s scientifically proven to increase productivity. Yes. We did just drop some SCIENTIFIC FACTS ON YO ASS.  Get after it, Beethoven.


5 – Set Boundaries

Make sure you’re not scheduling social obligations or family time during work hours or your most productive hours. So often friends and family will assume that if you’re not in the office that you don’t have to work. NOT TRUE. Get these animals out of the way of your most productivie hours and make plans with them after work hours. Make sure they know you’re measure based on productivity and results so it’s imperative to avoid work schedule  conflicts or temptations.


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