Sales Call Checklist: 8 Crucial Steps for a Successful Sales Call

plan to keep your sales calls sales meetings on track sales training adviceHave you ever left a sales call, then remembered that you forgot to ask them a vital fucking question, or show them a new product? Get your shit together by reading these tips below. P.s. this print & post worthy and fwd: friendly.


Create a kickass plan, in advance, to keep your sales call and meetings on track. You can check off each point to ensure that you’re bringing your sales A-game to each and every sales call or meeting.


Here are 8 crucial steps for a successful sales call:



  • Did you research your client prior to the call? We’re not going to say “stalk” them, but you kind of want to, at least online. Have you learned about both the person and business, before you showed up for the meeting? Get on your A-game by doing some homework and become their fucking bestie from the first meeting simply by finding you both hate the Kardashians or the Lakers, whatever.  


  • Create an outline of the agenda, and email it to your client before the meeting shows that you’re prepared, efficient and going to make the most of their time.



  • To help you to get prepared, ask yourself three questions. What’s my motherfuckin’ goal of this sales call or meeting? What information do I need to learn? After the call, what is the next step?


Greetings and introduction:

  • Did you take an interest in the office decor or talk with people at the front desk? You may learn some additional information this way. Did you do some idle chit chat at the beginning to set your client at ease? Be sure to ask smart questions. What sorts of goals and challenges does your client have?


  • Golden rule: LISTEN more than you talk.


Qualifying points:

  • It’s important to find out the names of all key players, even if they weren’t able to attend the meeting.


  • Ask about the normal process that is done to approve a new vendor. Why did they choose their current product, and what is its shortcoming? Is there a time frame?


  • You’ll also need to learn about their budget, needs, and requirements.


  • Don’t be afraid to disqualify, but definitely do find creative solutions or ideas to see how a seemingly “unqualified” lead could actually use some strategy.


  • Don’t get lazy, get creative.


Survey questions:

  • Did you ask all the questions pertinent to the sale. Open ended questions are your best fucking friend: Who, What, Where, Why, and How?


  • How can you solve their problems for them?

Effectively handling objections:

  • Can you effectively handle objections once you reach this stage? Be sure to let them finish, before you start talking. It’s best to stay calm, and not defensive. Can you provide a solution for each objection?


  • Think of objections as a plea for help or them telling you what they really need from you. Unless it relates to asking someone out on a date.. That would be terrible advice.


  • Did you cover everything in your presentation? Were the needs of your client prioritized? You should have covered the benefits of your product or service, and used layman’s terms.


  • Make your presentation engaging (without being cheesy). The customer should also be included in your presentation, rather than leaving them sitting back being passive.


  • No matter what you’re selling, create three value-added points to present to them. You’ll also want to prepare all printed materials in advance, ensuring they are free of errors and omissions. Don’t forget to include brochures, white papers, and contracts.

A great closing: 

  • Did you have your client think about what problems you can solve for them? Are you ready to ask for the order?


  • What types of closes have you mastered? None – then you better get practicing, son!


Customer maintenance:

  • Be sure to write thank you letters after all appointments, and sales have been done. Give them a schedule as to when you’ll be following up with them.


  • Do you feel confident in asking them for a referral? More importantly – did you EARN a referral?



Be sure to share and save this to check back frequently and make sure you’re absolutely crushing it in each area of the sales process.