The 6 Buyer Personas You Need To Know In Sales

You don’t have to take Buzzfeed’s ‘Which Ninja Turtle Are You?’ quiz to know there are many types of different personalities out there (by the way, I got Michelangelo). And of course, each type of personality, or buyer personas, will have a different style when it comes to shopping around. You need to be able to break down these personalities and find out what best suits them. Will a ‘Donatello’ be more unsure of larger investments? Will a ‘Raphael’ rush too quickly and purchase something impulsively? (Ok, no more Ninja Turtle talk)


Let’s take a look at a few different personas and the way they make their purchases. Heed our advice and we’ll lead you to the holy grail of sales; just like the most badass hero in a half shell of them all, Leonardo. Duh! (sorry, couldn’t get enough)


The 6 Buyer Personas You Need To Know in Sales:

The Number Cruncher

For most of us, our eyes glaze over as soon as stats, percentages, and pie charts are brought up (although the use of the word ‘pie’ does help bring me back into the conversation). Not for the number cruncher… This buyer persona needs to make sure they’ve got the guaranteed best product and numbers to back it up. Use every digit, chart and spreadsheet to make sure they feel safe making the purchase. And if they still don’t make the purchase, roll up the all of the data into a fly swatter, and smack them upside their damn head for not seeing the big picture. Or better yet, smack your damn self-upside the head for not delivering on the damn presentation like the rockstar we’re training you to be here at BnB.


The Social Butterfly

Also known as the perkiest, smiliest, hand-shakiest person in the room. This buyer is a socialite and will really love to chat about anything and everything under the sun. Their favorite types of cat, their adorable new phone case, all the article sections that have been written about them (did I blow your mind?) You need to match their enthusiasm and use it to your advantage. Try and mix the business and the personal, and the social butterfly will be caught in your web. (Not advised: actually catching the client in a web) I know. I know. But that’s not your style. Who gives a good goddamn shit. Make it your fucking style or your can just stay the way you are, calm – and broke!


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The Leader

Every team needs a leader. (see paragraph 1) Somebody to drive the bus, steer the ship, and manage the budget. In sales, this buyer persona will want to take the high ground on every aspect of the selling process. What’s important is to keep the dance going – match their boldness and directness. Actually, dancing is up to your discretion. Don’t cower down to this one because they’ve been smelling fear every since they told their first ghost story at Camp Anawanna back in 1992. You come in with even the slightest bit of doubt in your pitch and they’ll send you packing like Junior from the group home in Problem Child.


The Rebel

We’ve known the rebel all our lives – our classmate from high school that drew abstract art during math class, spelled their name with a few extra vowels to make it look cooler, and didn’t give a good goddamn shit about prom or any of the other immature bullshit that everyone clinged to. This person will always want to walk the road less travelled, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Hopefully not literally. What you need to do is help them see their ideas through and work with their ideas by giving them quality suggestions of what to throw at the wall (again, not literally). Connect with them and show them how much you appreciate their individuality and unique ways of looking at shit and find yourself at the signing of the contract with their antique feather pen.


The Team Player

A team player is not the only person steering the ship. There may be an entire group of people commandeering the ship for their purchase decision (Would that work in real life? I’m no nautical expert). Working with these types of buyer personas is a bit tricky as there are more than one person ultimately making the final decision. What’s important is that you work with the entire group to get the ship steadied. (Fine! No more boat talk either) Don’t know the entire group? Fucking ask! Then take them all to a liquid lunch on a friday and watch those walls come crumblin’ down; into your pocketbook.


The Nonbeliever

Nothing gets past them. Much like with a number cruncher, you need to prove a lot to the nonbeliever to show them what you have is worth shelling out for. For these buyer personas, keep the interaction very professional – it will help put their mind at ease. If the conversation is kept very businesslike, the nonbeliever will stop doubting your abilities and, dare I say – believe? (Que dramatic movie music) And most importantly, when it comes to the nonbeliever who isn’t willing to take the Journey to “don’t stop believing-town” drop their ass like a bad habit. Your fucking time is better spent elsewhere with someone who actually gets it!


That’s all for now. Hopefully this helps your ass close more deals.

Check out this fancy sales training infographic below. Maybe post it in your office so you whole damn  team can win next time they run into one of these personas. Don’t forget to share! Word.

6 buyer personas in sales