How To Deal With These 5 Types of Difficult Bosses

**This post is by Amanda and luckily not reflective by any boss she’s ever had… because she’s her own boss.

Listen, we get it. Sometimes you have the fucking dream job you’ve always wanted where the work means something for once, your co-workers are your bffs and the job perks blow your goddamn mind. However, your boss is worse than that sassy ass grouch on sesame street.

If this is your first rodeo with a monster of a manager, here are 5 different fool proof techniques for overcoming these challenges, so you don’t let it ruin your attitude or career.

1. Micromanaging Bosses

If this one would just trust that 1. You have a brain 2. It works pretty damn well. 3. You were hired for your unbeatable skillset then life would be a hell of a lot easier. The micromanaging boss is always on your ass, ready to attack your plan, scratch your ideas harder than a lotto ticket, and most of all question everything single fucking thing you do.

Your brain actually works really fucking well. So here’s what you need to do. Rather than the lack of trust wearing you down, remember than micromanagers have macro intentions – they just want to be on top of things and prevent any of your greatness from slipping through the cracks. So here’s the hack for micromanagers: Give them reassurance and be the most proactive person they’ve ever met. You and your squad are one step ahead of your boss. Providing reassurance that you are on top of it and nothing is or will slip through the cracks will surely set you up for success.

2. The Boss Who’s Feedback Sucks

This boss really needs communication 101. We get it. Sometimes you wonder if they even know what in the hell they are doing OR they are the devil wearing fucking Prada. Either way, this boss’s feedback makes your blood boil or has you hiding under your desk.

Well get the fuck up because we are about to show you how to handle this tornado of a boss.

How to deal with this mofo: We all speak and receive communication differently so make sure to understand it’s simply a matter of understanding each other’s way of communicating. For example, start with explaining that you really appreciate their feedback and want to put it to action, however, sometimes you have trouble understanding it. So Einstein, here’s what you do. Tell them exactly how you’d like to receive feedback and get specific. Remind them this will help BOTH of you to be successful.

3. The ‘Where The Fuck Are They’ Boss

This is the boss that you wonder how in the hell they even get paid to leave their office empty all the fucking time. Can we get someone to clear out the cobwebs, puhlease.

The key to working with this missing mofo isn’t to put out a MISSING ad. It’s actually the opposite, you need to take action and be a self-starter. They will show you some R-E-S-P-E-C-T like Aretha Franklin if you are on top of your game. Likewise, get something on the calendar if you do need some face to face time. Even if that is a skype session or facetime whatever, just put something on the calendar for a point in time to connect. Most importantly, have an agenda. No one wants a meeting to just “talk”. Got it?!

4. The Workaholic Bosses Who Wants You To Be a Workaholic too.

You get emails at odd hours of your time dedication to beauty sleep. Vacations are a nothing more than a dream and work/life balance is just a fairytale. Worst of all this boss expects you to drop everything – whether a bumble date or your 5th year anniversary.

Naturally you’re an ass kisser who wants to show up and impress your boss, however, boundaries must be respected to really thrive in and outside of work – we get you.

Here’s what to do: Out work your boss!!! Obviously. Just kidding. RELAX. Okay so seriously. You don’t have to respond right away. Unless of course if you’re an ER surgeon or a baby delivery doc.. In that case, what the hell are you doing on this site? Anyways, listen unless you are literally saving lives, you can get back to them when it’s reasonable. Also, let them know “that doesn’t work with my schedule” or “let me get back to you on that” either way, buy yourself some time or have an intervention with your boss maybe at a horse race, so you when you tell them they are a workhorse the smell of horse poop will remind them to take a chill pill.

5. The Totally Unqualified Bosses

(Who promoted these peeps anyway?)

Technically you should probably be the boss with how much your supervisor keeps asking you how to do something or for your advise. Hey give yourself a much deserved high five for being a badass. Then just chill. They are obviously there in that position for a reasons so just be grateful they are showing you some respect by taking your advice or listening to you versus not knowing what they are doing AND not listening to you. Could always be worse right?

Here’s what to do: Since getting a brain transplant for your boss is a little out of the question… Ask you boss the best way to navigate these topics if you already have a lot of work on your plate. If you think you’re due for a raise or promotion since you’re clearly helping out with things someone above you cannot do, maybe it’s time to start discussing how much work you do which is above your current pay grade or responsibilities and are looking forward to growth. Have confidence and go for it!

You got this.