4 Types of POWER WORDS Your Competition is Using In Their Sales Pitch

power words sales pitch sales trainingHave you ever had somebody repeat a word over and over and it resonates with you? Like when somebody says “I was having the best slice of pizza the other day. It was a great piece of pizza. Pizza’s my favorite.” It makes you want pizza right? You’re licking the fucking screen right now just thinking about it, aren’t ya? (Well stop – that’s gross.)


The words we use help to instill an image in the listener’s mind. The more you fire them out of your sales cannon, the more likely you’ll make a sale like the closer you’ve always dreamt of being. Don’t believe me? PIZZA!!! Hungry, aren’t you?


Here’s the deal. It’s not about spitting out random words to you client over and over again. We are  talking about POWERFUL fucking words; words that evoke powerful emotions in your client TO BUY.


So take note because we’re about to break this “Power Word” concept down for you into 4 different types. What you need to do is go through your sales pitch, rebuttals, or emails and see where you can drop these little golden nuggets on your customer. Check it out and share the goddamn love (with everyone but your competition.)


Power Quality Words

Everybody wants to show the quality of their product. Even the dollar store tends to brag about the high quality of their products. (Deodorant for a dollar? What could go wrong?) But you need to really show it. Use words like ‘exclusive’ and even the word ‘quality’ to show what you’re selling is of the highest fucking caliber. Unless you’re selling deodorant for a dollar; and if that’s your line of sales, read on my friend, read on!


Power Urgent Words

It’s happened to all of us – ‘This Sale Ends SOON’. Might as well be a wallet magnet. (Bonus points if you can give a specific date the sale ends!) We never want to lose out on the deal of the century even if we don’t need the shitty product that will end up collecting dust in our garage, only to be thrown in the trash years later. You’ll end up seeing the product on the store shelf, lamenting over what could have been. Use words that make your client know time is of the essence – such as ‘before it’s gone’.  Light that fire under their wishy washy ass! Trust us and you’ll be on your way to being the “ultimate” sales person your company has been praying for.


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Power Saving Words

As you may know by now, people are awfully tight with their wallets. Despite some people remembering their credit cards by heart, they only end up using it during late-night online shopping sprees after a glass of wine. Two glasses of wine. Actually It’s not really that important how many goddamn bottles of wine. The point is there is a definite need to use words that encourage saving as much as possible.  Everything from ‘bargain’ to ‘less expensive’ will ease people’s minds and wallets. Trust me. Listening to this advice is ‘guaranteed’ to help you bring in “a great deal” and far more business.


Power Reassuring Words

What you’re selling is the fucking best! You know it. I know it, and the mirror you practice your sales pitch in front of knows it. But you need to make sure the potential buyer knows it. How do you show them it? Use power words that guarantee the quality of your product. Words like ‘dependable’ and ‘proven’ help to show you can put your money where your mouth is, and that they should put their money where your mouth is (not literally – again, fucking gross). Feel free to share your ‘breakthrough results’ with every salesperson you know and be the ‘powerful’ closer you were born to be!



As one very successful business dude once said “Success unshared is failure” so share this shit already, damn.