Sales Attitude: 10 Traits Of A Top Closer

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If you want to crush it in sales, you need to:

1. Reading this, share this, and immediately take action on the knowledge we’re about to drop on you.

2. Master the game of sales psychology – which will help elevate your career and cash flow to new heights. (see below)


If you can fully embrace the ten traits below you’ll have an unbeatable positive sales attitude which is the key to preventing you from dwelling on negative bullshit with the other “thirsty” under performers at the water cooler.


Staying open to new sales techniques will help you to be an effective seller. The right skills such as motivation, creativity, commitment, and open-mindedness will develop you into a bad-ass Jedi Sales Ninja with the right fucking attitude. A positive sales attitude leads to an effortless close, and that means an extra beer or whatever shenanigans you do on a Friday night.


Do you have these 10 personality points to enable you to have a great fucking attitude in sales?


  1. You love to talk.

    Selling is just like socializing. For those who have a love of conversation, they enjoy making a connection with others. They should also be able to actively listen, when heading for the sale. Impress your clients by deeply engaging in the sales conversation. FYI, actively listening doesn’t mean staring at their forehead praying to god that they shut the hell up to you can feed your ego with your own words. It’s actually giving a shit about the words that are coming out of their mouth and formulating your response based off of what they said, as opposed what you are anticipating they are about to say. Make sense?


  1. You’re self-motivated.

    A great seller shouldn’t need a lot of hand-holding or supervision. They should possess the skills to track their own growth, and be self-motivated to get things done. They’re also receptive to the times that they do need help. They don’t have to worry about the damn snooze button because they are already awake before their alarm even goes off – ready to dominate their day the same way Ivan Drago dominated Apollo’s face in Rocky IV.


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  1. You’re innovative.

    Not only do you think up creative ways to solve problems, you implement as well. You can use your creativity and innovation to get past hurdles in your way, and close the deal like a motherfuckin’ boss.


  1. You respect the brand.

    Not only do your respect the brand you’re selling, but you also respect the prices, and your services. Putting forth strong beliefs in what you’re selling affirms to the client that they are investing in what you’re selling.


  1. You thrive under pressure.

    When times get tough, you get to work. You work harder when times are slower. Either way, you put 100% into your job, even when there are highs and lows throughout the week. Unlike other corner cutters, you actually can squeeze blood out of that turnip.


  1. You’re a rock star.

    You’re the one who wins the awards at the end of the month. You’re the awesome fearless leader of the office! But you know it takes time to practice sales technique. You invest the time into your sales pitches, even if it means practicing every time you’re on the toilet; during your encore.  


  1. You’re committed.

    You’re committed to the deal. You don’t ever show hesitation to your client. You follow through on each point of the deal, through communication, to get the deal done. Nothing is gonna stand in your goddamn way!


  1. You’ll lend a helping hand.

    You’re not just selling products or services to your customer. You’re truly providing a helping hand in solving their supply and demand issues. When you believe it, they’ll believe it too. You’ll be their go-to person next time round. And when you lend that hand it’s because you actually want to help, not because you read in a book somewhere that they are required to buy if you do so.


  1. Silver Lining is your favorite color.

    According to Urban Dictionary, “silver lining” is a phrase used to tell someone that there is a brighter side to the problem they are facing. The phrase comes from the fact that, every dark rain cloud has a silver edge, or lining.

Here’s an example from Urban Dictionary:

max: my son says hes gay

tom: well, look at the bright-side, you don’t have to worry about him knocking up some random girl

max: that’s one hell of a silver lining


  1. You’re continuously learning.

    No one person can claim to know everything. You’re continuously learning and not afraid to say hell no to the bull shit distractions like tabloids, TV, and internet ads that are thrust upon us by the thousands on a day to day basis. You learn about the product or services you’re selling, you’re constantly in a state of flux learning about new sales techniques. You don’t give off a pompous air of knowing everything, and your colleagues respect you for it. Take a look at one of the all-time great gods of selling, Brian Tracy, explain your E.v.E. (entertainment vs. education) ratio by clicking here.


Hit on these 10 points, and soon you’ll have what it takes to naturally close that big sales deal with the right fucking attitude!



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