5 Ways To Get More Sales Referrals (aka Make It Rain Referrals)


Selling your products or services may be the most difficult part of doing business, but once that’s done, what’s the next step to skyrocket your sales career?


Getting that goddamn referral can mean the difference between making an easy sale the next time around, or having to work twice as fucking hard to find a lead. Getting a referral from one of your current clients can be one of the easiest methods of getting a highly qualified new lead, making the next sale a walk in the park.


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This is also important because it’ll be lead a that isn’t completely pissed off by the sheer sound of your voice interrupting their busy day like the rest of your prospects.


But before you ask for that referral gold, you need to be honest and ask yourself a few questions first.


Have I really earned a sales referral?


Did you just close a deal that someone else started? Or, was it a new customer who was already in the market for what you were selling? The best way to earn a referral is through building rapport that’s solid AF with your client. Did you exceed their expectations? That means that they’re overjoyed with the service you provided; so overjoyed that they are ready to tell their husband, their mother, their Rabbi, their dentist, their yoga teacher, their Starbucks barista and anybody else willing to listen how fucking special you made them feel; not to mention how fired up they are because of your product or service.


Ask yourself how strong the relationship is that you built with your client. If they will remember your name easily, and maybe even your wife’s or pet’s name, then yes, you have earned that referral. But if they forget your name as soon as you hang up the phone, perhaps it’s not as strong as you thought and you can just keep on lying to yourself.


If you asked for a sales referral right now, would it feel natural?

Or perhaps you’d just feel like one awkward motherfucker?


Ask yourself, would this customer give me a referral right now? If you can’t answer “yes” to this question with confidence, don’t fucking ask! Give it some time.


If you’re starting to feel hesitation, there is a way to turn it around. Do you have a referral game plan? If not, start one! Think about some actions that could help you to consistently earn referrals. It could be as little as asking about that fugly little dog they have, or how their child is doing, even if you hate kids. If you go this route, you better do it with sincerity or your client will sniff out your bullshit like a bloodhound.


5 Ways To Get More Sales Referrals Like A Boss:

Here’s your kick ass action plan to get more sales referrals.


  1. Remember to be memorable. You’ll want to exceed their expectations. Be kind AF, and make them laugh to build trust.


  1. Doing business should be easy like Sunday morning. Make people want to do business with you by making it so damn easy. Remove any obstacles, so it’s a slam dunk everytime. 


  1. Be reliable (and on time). Show the hell up when you say you will. Remember, on time is late and early is on time!


  1. Give, give, give. Do you actually want any goddamn referrals? Or are you happy to spend your career in the red at the bottom of the sales board dishing excuses like their going out of style? If you want ‘em you gotta give referrals first. Zig Ziglar put it best, “You can have everything you want in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  Who is Zig Ziglar you ask? He was a bad ass motherfucker so listen up. Being in sales and not knowing Zig is like being into garbage reality TV and not knowing what a Kardashian is. (Book Recommendation: Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale).


  1. Build strong relationships. Doing business isn’t about a one night stand. You want more from them right? It’s all about planting seeds and watching these relationships grow.


There you have it. Build up a trust and a rapport with your customer. Make them happy to hear your voice at the other end of the line. The more you build strong relationships, the more effin’ cash you’ll have on beer day.