10 Kick-Ass Sales Negotiation Strategies & Skills

10 kick ass sales negotiation strategies and skills sales training

Don’t make the customer your prey in the final round of sales negotiation. Negotiation can involve a lot of psychological tactics, but if your customer senses anything wrong, you’ll lose the deal faster than Vanilla Ice’s music career. Forget about being able to present your final offer. Sales negotiation requires some serious fucking strategy.


Do your customers always want to negotiate?

Get your ass over here, asap. Your paycheck depends on it


Here are 10 kick ass sales negotiation strategies to help you to close the deal.


1. Get small commitments throughout the pitch.

People are more willing to say “hell yeah!” for smaller options. Get each of these ticked off your list, before moving onto larger items. Your customer will build the commitment in their mind. If they feel good about it, they’ll keep adding to that commitment.


2. Listen more than you talk.

Don’t bore the shit out of your customer by talking their ear off. If you’re not listening, how will you know where the deal is really at, or where they stand? As you chat with them, you’ll want to make note of any hot buttons, and any pain points. What does your customer really want? Do they have any major objections? How do they really feel about your proposal?


3. Ask smarter questions.

When you ask smart questions, you get smart answers. The better your questions, the smarter you appear. Brownie points when you get the client to open the fuck up. Ask questions that get the client really thinking. If you can get them to change their perspective, you’ve won the fucking game of sales. Bravo.


4. Get on the same team.

Be one of their peers. It’s not us against them. Avoid any argument. You want to be on the same side as them. They didn’t answer the phone today to start a debate. Hell, they can go home and do that with their spouse.


5. Be willing to remove the offer.

If they’re not biting, or it’s not right for them, don’t be afraid to withdraw, and regroup. It may be the opportunity for an even better deal, more tailored to their needs. Oftentimes, a withdrawn deal can make a customer think too. Don’t forget: People want what they can’t have… even if they don’t even need it. 


6. Know what you’re willing to negotiate on.

Create your plan in advance. I’ll say that again – plan in advance! Can you adjust the price? Can you add in some extras? Don’t be left dragging your feet through the deal because you forgot to draft up your plan in advance. Your customer is waiting to hear the words, “And I can throw in ‘blank’ to sweeten the deal”.


7. Don’t bully your way into a deal.

This isn’t the damn schoolyard where you’re stealing someone’s candy. Your customer can and will say no to you. And forget ever getting any referrals when you bully your way into a deal. Instead of bullying them, you want to make it all sound like their idea. Remember people may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. So just don’t be an asshole, period.


8. Mirror your customer’s emotions.

While negotiation can involve manipulation, you don’t want your customer to know it. One of the best ways to be on their side is to slightly mimic and mirror their emotions. If your customer is indifferent and relaxed while you guys are closing the deal, this is not the time to throw in your urgency. Likewise, if they are high energy, and you’re moving slower than a snail, forget about it.


9. Add a second voice.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Find another team member and ask that mother fucker to add another perspective to the conversation. Sometimes it even helps to find a contrasting male or female voice. A different perspective may be exactly what your client needs for more certainty and confidence in moving forward.


10. Tell a story.

Stories fucking sell. (write that down) The best sales people have at least a few great stories that align with their customers challenges and help them relate. Tell a story which allows your client to relate to main character and how they were faced with a problem, found the solution, and then became a fucking hero. Let them know this is their opportunity to become the hero in their own life.


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This shit works, so spread the love to your sales team.