How to Win Sales by Influencing Your Customers

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Ask yourself this; why do I drop all my fucking cash in this particular store as opposed to another? What makes me a return customer while there are so many other stores in the same shopping mall to buy the same damn shit?

If you can honestly find answers to these two simple fucking questions, then you are halfway to learning how sales are won through customer influence. Read through this article…we may make you one rich son of a bitch.

Ever heard of the badass of influence, Robert Cialdini? Mr. Cialdini found 6 triggers that effectively put a customer at your motherfucking mercy…literally. In his book Influence, Robert reckons that if you can make the principles of reciprocity, commitment and consistency, liking, authority, social proof, and scarcity work for you; then you will be the world fucking champ of influencing customers – that’s the shit you want.

Now these concepts can be hard as fuck to understand for a newbie, so we’re going to simplify them for you. You’re welcome.


Give (like Mother fucking Theresa) and Take

Even in sexy relations, partners will guilt the shit out of you to give in to their demands, once they’ve gone over the fucking moon for you.  If you give free samples/free trials/free anything to customers, they almost always feel obligated to buy whatever you are selling. Why the fuck you think they’re always giving away free shit at those kiosks things in the mall. GIVE GIVE AND GIVE SOME MORE for fuck sakes.

Commitment & Consistency

People Want To Fall In Love & Never Leave

Make your customers own the fucking brand. Be honest: have you ever felt guilty, or doubtful,  when thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy instead of an Iphone or vice verse? What about changing allegiances from one football team to another? What these companies have done is making you own the brand. You become loyal to it. You stick with them even when times are hard. If you can do this shit with your customers, then you some motherfucking loyal customers who are going to stay with you for the long haul.


The Bombdiggity Connection

Why do companies pay stupid amounts of money to celebrities to be their brand ambassadors? It ain’t just cause they’re pretty. It’s because they know your ass will fall in love with their products if they are associated with your favorite fucking Kardashian. (Hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game.)  If you want to influence your customers, then they must have a connection with you. Make it your mission to learn what makes each of your customer happy AF.


Drop Knowledge

People don’t buy bullshit. Know your product and service so goddamn well that you’re irresistible to your customer. Listen being a know-it-all isn’t cool as a kid, but it brings home the fucking bacon as an adult. With the right attitude, you will convince your customers to buy.

Social Proof

If the squad thinks it’s cool, it’s cool.

Why the fuck did you ever join Facebook and Instagram?  Likely because one of your dope ass friends convinced you it was cool. That was obviously before your great aunt joined. Customers buy what makes feel cool AF because it’s accepted and adored by people in their circle. If you can make a particular product all the rage among a group of friends or network, then it will not be hard to sell to a larger customer pool.



Fear Of Missing Out is a serious dilemma for customers, but a brilliant play for sales hustlers. Why are drugs so expensive? Why do cuban cigars sellout faster than black & milds? Because some of these things are hard as hell to get your goddamn paws on. Acquiring them gives us prestige, edge, cool points. They make us “In”. Differentiate your product so you’re the fucking go-to and make sure quantity, availability, discount, or variation is limited.


Now go out and get you some.



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