5 Sales Mistakes You’re Making That Cause Your Customers To Negotiate [Sales Training]


It’s time to wake the fuck up. Customers these days have more control than ever. You hear this all the time: “It costs how much!? GTFO. I can get that online and get it for cheaper. Thanks for the thirty minute tutorial though!” Or even “Well I’m going to complain to management. Unless I get a massive discount, then I won’t leave an awful review.”


Customers these days can be fucking brutal when it comes to getting what they want, but all that means is that you need to study up on negotiation in sales and why the fuck your customers want to negotiate in the first place. (see below)


So we’re here to help with some brilliant fucking sales training on sales negotiation, so you can keep cranking up those sales commissions. Get it.


Here are the main reasons your customer will want to negotiate the price of your transaction

(and how to stay the fuck in control of the deal):


1. You’re Not Even Dealing With The Key Decision Maker.

Goddamnit, this is basic sales. It’s vital to make sure you’re right in there with the key decision maker (i.e. the head honcho, the top dog, the shot caller.) It can be hard as fuck to negotiate yourself around the pawns and rooks, but you need to make sure you make the correct move to checkmate the king. For those not initiated with chess:

Find out who the fucks in charge and work closely with them.

2. You Failed To Prove Or Provide Value.

Show them you’ve got the goods. Unless you’re selling snake oils and cure-alls from a cart (what is this, the 1800’s?) you’ve got something of value. SHOW THEM MORE VALUE! If you don’t show them what you’ve got is worth the price, they will fight you to the death on it. And by death, I mean well below its original cost. Sayonara commissions.

3.  You’re Playing In The Minor Leagues.

You haven’t proven to your customer that you’re better than the competition. As we mentioned  earlier, it’s more than likely the customer can look up whatever you’re selling in a hot second  and find it available nationwide. What do you offer that blows the customers fucking mind? Superior customer service? Lifetime support? A little dance?**

Crush your fucking competition.

4.  You Have A Weak Ass Relationship With Prospect/Client.

Listen, don’t be the stereotypical pushy used car salesman, but make sure you do whatever it takes to establish a damn good sales relationship. (If you are a used car salesman, that’s great. We hope you sure as fuck have moved past this stereotype.) As you probably know by now, the relationship with the client is a key part of any sales relationship. Show them you’re not just an empty husk selling them something.

Connect with the customer and treat them like you would your grandma.

5.  Your Success Stories Or Testimonials Suck… If You Have Any

Word of mouth is ten times more powerful than anything you’re saying in your sales pitch. Testimonials show that you’re credible and pretty fucking knowledgeable, so make sure you get them from every single one of your raving fans.


Let’s sum this shit up:


  • Work closely with the person in charge
  • Show you’re selling a quality product that adds value to their life
  • Crush your fucking competition
  • Treat your customer like you would your grandma
  • Get yourself some testimonials


**Don’t try the little dance. It never works. Whoever fucking wrote that is getting fired, asap.


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