Sales Humor 101: How To Crush Your Sales Goal With Sales Humor

Ready for some research backed knowledge on how you can make some extra loot and be less stressed in your sales job? Yeah, we thought so.


Let’s be honest, sales can get a little stressful especially when you’re short of your sales goal. However, sales can also be pretty fucking rewarding, too. The difference between being stressed out and reaping the rewards is more than how many sales you close, it’s HOW you close those damn sales.


So how do we make selling rewarding, fun, and far more lucrative? Sell like hell with humor.


Sales humor takes the fucking edge off for you and your customer.


Check out the research:

Humor can actually allow a sales person to increase the prices of products or services and make the buyer more willing to pay a higher price.

Who doesn’t like to laugh and make an extra buck too? Research shows when a seller cracked jokes, and made humorous comments, the buyer was more willing to pay a higher price. Ready to laugh your tail feather to the bank? We sure as fuck are.

Humor isn’t sexist. Sales humor also works for both male and female salespeople, and male and female customers. Cha-ching.

Have you ever noticed how some ads are more effective than others? Over 75% of award winning ads have used humor, whether in print, or TV advertising.


Humor gets people’s attention.

Humor connects.

Humor sells.


Humor in sales is great for dispelling those uncomfortable fucking situations in life, whether you’re trying to sell someone a $2000 photocopier, or a $20 hemorrhoid cream. Yeah, we just went there.


Another great benefit:

Humor shows you have a shit ton of confidence.

(even if you’re nervous as fuck)

So not only does humor work in sales, it really works anywhere in life. USE IT.


Your customers will appreciate you making them laugh, too. #endorphinboost It provides positive emotions that fuel the entire buyer/seller experience, and presents it in a more memorable experience than words alone.


Below are some vital tips for using humor in sales.

Don’t fuck this up:

  1. Golden fucking rule: Avoid jokes about money, politics, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
  2. Don’t make fun of your customer.
  3. Don’t be cliche or cheesy.
  4. Don’t mistake funny for talking shit.

Don’t consider yourself funny? Well you better start.

Must do’s:

  1. Read funny stories or jokes.
  2. Watch funny movies or comedians.
  3. Submerse yourself in anything funny.
  4. Learn to laugh more yourself.
  5. Study what makes people laugh.
  6. Make fun of yourself, but don’t show incompetence.
  7. Put a fucking smile on your face.
  8. ALWAYS laugh at your customer’s jokes.


Remember the research. Every laugh is money in the bank.


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Sales humor 101 - how to use humor in sales sales training infographic