What time is it? Transition time! Time to make that fucking move! Whether it’s to a new company, a transfer to a new department, or an internal promotion, all eyes will be on you to make the right impression. Here are the top 5 reasons you will bomb the interview, so pay close attention to make sure you don’t explode under fire.


1. Putrid Preparation

You should be prepared for the interview before you even submit the resume. We’ve seen it way too many times that a candidate submits a resume for a job and all of a sudden has an interview scheduled that they’re not even ready for. One of the top questions an interviewer will ask is, “Tell us everything you know about our company, and why do you want to work for us?” If you can’t intelligently lay out a bevy of information about the history, the product, and the culture of the company, along with why you are the best fit within the first 5 minutes, consider yourself Hillaried. Don’t procrastinate on your preparation. Interviewers can sniff out an ill-prepared bull-shitter and don’t want their time wasted interviewing them. Get on Indeed, LinkedIN, Glassdoor, and that little known search engine called Google to figure them the fuck out!

2. Shitty Specifics

Being vague is the biggest fucking mistake that you’ll make during the question and answer process. Hiring Managers have a very specific type of candidate in mind. You only have a limited time to MAKE THEM envision you in that role. When they ask a direct question like, “Can you tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation with a prospect?” you better reach into your goddamn Vault of Awesomeness and bring out the big guns. DO NOT answer the question by saying things like, when I have an upset prospect I “usually” do this or “usually” do that. Use the STAR format:

S – Situation, background set the scene

T – Task or Target, specifics of what’s required, when, where, who

A – Action, what you did, skills used, behaviors, characteristics

R – Result – Outcome, what happened?

By being extremely specific about how you handled a situation and the positive result that ensued, you will force them to think about how you’ll kick the same type of ass in your new role!

How to deal with a terrible boss once you get hired: https://www.buynowbitches.com/deal-5-types-difficult-bosses/

3. Atrocious Attention to Detail

When you walk into the room EVERYTHING you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of hiring law. Do you have a firm hand shake? Do you look them in the eye? Do you listen to hear their names and reuse them during the interview? Do you have good posture? Why is the top button of your dress shirt not buttoned? That’s a nice watch. Those shoes are dirty. That belt is old. Your beard’s not groomed. You use slang. Your resume is plain. Your fingernails are dirty. You must think of EVERYTHING before stepping foot into the room. When a hiring manager see’s the attention you put not just into your answers and preparation, but into your entire fucking presentation, prepare to sign that offer letter in no time!

4. “C” Quality Questions

What is one sure fire way to be sent packing with a big emphatic NO? Not maximizing the opportunity to delivery some of your own badass questions. Don’t even get us started with interviewee’s who have zip, zero, zilch to say when asked what questions they have for us? We know you’re not that terrible so we’re not even going to broach that topic. When it comes time to “flip the switch” you better be fucking “lights out” with your questions! Strong, thought-out, open ended questions not only give you further insight into the role, but they give insight into your level of intelligent preparation as well. Yes, asking about the day to day is important, but not impactful. Impactful would be asking questions like, “In what ways would you like to see me raise the current bar if I was selected for this position?” or “What are the three most important characteristics you are looking for in a candidate?” Asking questions like these will be the key to unlocking the door to career growth. The insight in their answers is ammo you will use to your benefit, matching your previous experiences to be exactly what they are looking for.

But the best questions are those that force the Hiring Manager’s to brag about themselves. “How did you get to where you are in the company?” Who does everyone love? Themselves! You get them to talk about their own damn accomplishments and they’ll love you forever. Also, it will give you the early insights on what it takes to be successful in your next role.

5. You. Simply. Weren’t. The. Best. 

At BNB, We’ve delivered extremely positive feedback to internal candidates who have been declined for a promotion despite crushing the interview process. Sometimes they look at us in frustrated curiosity and ask, then why didn’t I get the job? And the answer is simple. You still weren’t the best.  Just because you killed it, doesn’t mean someone else wasn’t better. It’s important to remember that sometimes there is just one opening, and if you don’t get it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you bombed.

You didn’t get the J.O.B. So what! Get over it! The process can be a brutal grind sometimes. Going into it with that expectation will better prepare you for the ups and downs of interviewing. Interviewing is a skill. Look at each and every interview as an opportunity to refine that skill. Sometimes you think the job is yours and you end up crushed. Get up. Dust yourself off. Get a new fucking suit or a new fucking attitude (whichever you need more, if not both) and show the next company that you are the right goddamn guy or gal for the job. Here at BNB, we suggest that in order to prevent the bomb, you need to BE the bomb!