6 Tips to Close Deals Faster and Stop Chasing Sales Prospects

close sales deals faster stop chasing prospects

Whether you’re in inside sales or outside sales, there may be many times when you ask yourself, “WTF did I get involved in this career?” Yet, sales can be a super fucking lucrative career, and there’s nothing better than when you close that motherfuckin deal. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?!


One of the biggest dilemmas in sales is having to chase fucking prospects to close those deals, or even to close the deal faster, so you can move onto the next client, the next deal, and grow your damn paycheck.


If you’re spend most of your sweet ass time chasing prospects, it will hold you back from finding or helping new prospects. A delayed contract can give the client room for some bullshit excuses, or give them reasons to change the deal.


Listen Mother fucking Theresa, there are a lot of people out there who need your help and services. You need to close those damn deals faster, so you can help (read: sell)  more people who need your goddamn help.


When closing deals, having a big ass check in hand is the best fucking feeling ever. You want to get as much commitment as possible from your client, and that begins with payment in hand and at the very least their signature on your sales contract. The worst feeling is when a payment gets delayed, or contracts are delayed. The longer it takes to close the deal, the more that can go wrong in that space of time and the greater chances of shit hitting the fan.


So listen up you badass closer you.


Here are 6 tips to get deals closed faster and spend less time chasing sales prospects around.


  1. Learn to understand the customer’s psychology. Put yourself in their smelly ass shoes… or not. You get the point. If you were in their position, what would make you say “hell yeah”, rather than “piss off”? Wouldn’t you like to feel like a the most important fucking customer in the world and receive service so great you’d send your grandma? Turn it around and make them feel that goddamn way too.


  1. Ensure your customer has signing power. Nothing is worse than having a customer say yes, and you starting to pop bottles, only to find out their boss or spouse says no. Be sure to ask about this shit right at the beginning, rather than having to return the brand fucking new  car you just bought because that deal didn’t come through.


  1. Don’t panic if there are other decision makers involved. If your deal or sales contract  requires two or more signatures, keep your mother fuckin cool. Don’t let your customer see you fucking sweat. Stay positive.


  1. Connect with ALL key decision makers. When faced with more than one decision maker in a business, suggest a conference call that can be connected with all key decision makers. No one else is going to sell your shit as good as you, so your ass better be the one to present the deal. Nothing kills a fucking deal quicker than a shitty ass sales pitch being passed around the table with people who don’t have a clue about your product.


  1. Get your contact to schedule the conference call. Like I said in the point before, if there are multiple decision makers, get them all on the goddamn line. As you prepare for the call, work together with your main point of contact to set a kick ass agenda for the conference call. You don’t want your main contact chillin on the fucking sidelines, as you run through the benefits of your products or services. Get them on your team, captain!


  1. Get to the truth. During your conference call you need to gauge the interest of whether your sales prospects (specifically key decision makers) are onboard, or jumping fucking overboard, with the sweet ass deal you’re presenting to them. The sooner you can close the deal, the sooner you can deliver, make your customers happy, and bring home the motherfuckin bacon baby!


Jump on it.