[Feature Benefit Selling] Sales Prospects don’t give a fuck about your features

do you even connect features to benefits bro sales motivation sales quote

Features are fancy, but prospects don’t give a fuck about your features.


For example, you try to sell a car that goes 0-60 in .5 secs. Oooooh fancy.


That means NOTHING to someone that cares about the safety of their family, or the fucking polar bears.


The average sales guy will just pitch product features all day long, and what do we think about average? FUCK AVERAGE.


The problem with trying to sell off features is that it causes a hot mess for the client because they never bothered to answer the only question your client cares about and that is: “What’s in it for me?”


If you want to be average, stick with your features.


If you want to be fucking phenomenal and climb to the top of that motherfucking sales board you need to sell BENEFITS. We’re talking feature benefit selling.


Write this shit down:

Features Tell, Benefits Sell.

you’re welcome.


Benefits describe how a feature, and the advantage of having that feature, relates to a buyer’s priorities*.


Any purchase is dependent on the buyer’s vision of a solution, so it’s critical when asking questions that you uncover details about the buyer’s vision of a solution to meet his or her needs.


Every sonofabitch on the planet knows that benefits increase a buyer’s motivation to buy because they help paint a picture of what will be gained if the buyer purchases your solution.**


Some common benefits include:

  • Saving time
    • Quantifying exactly how much time they’ll save and what the fuck they can now do with all this extra time on their hands.
  • Improving productivity
    • Productivity! That means extra sales, less expenses, greater return. Sounds fucking awesome, doesn’t it Mr. Customer?
  • Reducing costs
  • A billionaires mindset isn’t how much they money they make. A billionaires mindset is how much they keep. Yeah, tweet that shit.
  • Enhancing image
    • Need I say more? Who doesn’t want to look better… especially better than their competitor.


So where do we come up with these benefits?

Bet your ass benefits are always derived from the buyer, not your product or service. Remember, it’s only a benefit because the buyer said it’s important..
Check out features and benefits in action, then choose your path wisely:


Average sales dude: “Our VIP program includes 0% interest for the first year.” (feature)


2nd place sales dude: “Our VIP program includes 0% interest for the first year which is 6 months longer than our Gold program.” (feature + advantage of feature)


The motherfucking sales champ: “Our VIP program includes 0% interest for the first year which is 6 months longer than our Gold program which means on you’ll save at least ($$$) in the first year alone.” (feature + advantage + benefit)


*Buyer’s priorities we give a fuck about.

**Don’t mess this shit up.